Photography services

We cater for a wide range of photography services, spanning everything from wedding photography to tourism/landscape, wildlife, automotive, industrial, commercial & architecture, advertising, portraits and food photography. This is supported by extensive post production capabilities that can help to touch-up, alter, augment or redesign shots to meet your needs, whether its a simple case of smoothing out skin tones or adding in effects to highlight a particular element of the photo.

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Wedding photography

Wedding photography

We’re based in Cardiff and can accommodate dates at short notice anywhere in South Wales. We can also travel further afield throughout the UK. Our style is centred on our dedication to capturing the best memories of your big day and providing you with the kind of shots that you will look back on fondly for years to come.

Find out more about my wedding photographer services.

Corporate photography

Corporate photographer

Covering everything from team photographs, corporate events and executive portraits, my corporate photography service can be used to get the shots needed to make your website, brochures, advertising and case studies come to life.

Find out more about my corporate photographer service.

Event photography

Event photographer

My experience in event photography covers both indoor and outdoor events, ranging from conferences, talks, dinners, sports events, gigs and festivals.

Find out more about my event photographer service.

Tourism and landscape photography

Tourism photography

Whether it’s a scenic setting by the sea, a rugged mountain-scape or a stunning vallee view, we can help you find the shot you’re looking for and with post production we can make sure it really makes an impact. Having shot in a wide variety of locations, we understand the importance of understanding the lighting conditions, compositional structure of a scene and the interaction of colours in the foreground, middle distance and backdrop.

Find out more about my tourism photographer services.

Food photography

Food photography

Food photography is a delicate art and while the best shots often come from the use of natural light, I can be flexible to the space you have available, using a variety of lighting techniques to help your food stand out from the crowd.

Find out more about my food photographer services.

Wildlife photography

Wildlife photography

Getting excellent pictures of wildlife can add a lot of impact to your marketing material and we put great effort into landing well composed images that can be used easily by designers to add flare to your brochures or websites. With our lens set, we can take exceptional shots from distance without disturbing wildlife, but equally we can get in close to creepy crawlies to provide a new perspective with macro photography.

Architecture photography

Architectural photographer Cardiff and South Wales

Whether you’re looking for shots for a brochure, building website, framed prints or any other sales and promotional material, we can help you get the shots that stand out. High-impact architectural photography images can be the difference between being bypassed and getting noticed, so it’s worth while taking the time to find the right time, angle, lighting and composition for the images you’re looking for. Our process for this is fast and effective and with a little post-processing we can help you make a statement about your building.

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